We just got word that Odd Man Out: The Series will be screening at the next Flix & Drink Film Screening and Networking Event on Sunday 7/24/22 in Atlanta! 

Odd Man Out: The Series is now OFFICIALLY streaming on Peacock TV!  

Founder Ronnel Ricardo Parham, on the homepage of Odd Man Out: The Series, now streaming on Tubi TV!  

These are just a few examples of honest feedback I’ve gotten from Odd Man Out: The Series. These are from people I’ve never met and who just started watching the show. After we shot Season 1, I realized that I now have a responsibility to tell stories. Not only is it my passion, but I realized then that my voice can be the voice for others through film. Reading stuff like this means a lot to me. It means I’m doing what I’m meant to be doing with my life. Telling stories that represent the underrepresented. 

"What's To Come"...a TV Pilot, coming soon!  

Plot Twist. A new chapter begins. Coming soon!  

Fun times watching "The Brothers" screen at the Flix & Drinks Film Screening in Atlanta, GA!  

The Brothers” will be screening at Flix & Drinks Film Screening and Networking event in Atlanta on June 5, 2022! 

Because of our wins and nominations at the FFTG Awards, Founder Ronnel Ricardo Parham has been chosen to be a judge at the festival for 2022!