Our hit TV show, Odd Man Out (The Series) is back in production! 
We’re in pre-production to shoot our next 8 episodes , streaming exclusively on NBC Peacock TV, Tubi and Prime Video. We'll be shooting throughout the year!

Founder/CEO Ronnel Ricardo Parham of 5R Productions at Comic-Con International in San Diego!  

Always a pleasure when 5R Productions is contacted for a magazine feature! My article is now live. Huge thanks to Canvas Rebel for the write up and the chance to share my story with your readers.

Be sure to catch 5R Productions tomorrow at the The Black Film Festival of Atlanta “Brunch With A Filmmaker” Panel Event at 11am!

On 7/15/22 at 1pm, Founder Ronnel Ricardo Parham will be interviewed by Mandisa A. Johnson, Founder of Atlanta Film and TV as apart of their Conversations with Atlanta Movers and Shakers Series! Zoom link will be available to watch after the interview and the interview will be featured on their website!

Hey Atlanta! Founder Ronnel R. Parham will be a panelist for this months Film Pitch ATL on July 27th 2022 from 6:30-9pm at Wild Heaven Brewery and Gardens!

Odd Man Out: The Series

Odd Man Out: The Series, coming soon to Peacock TV!

The journey for Odd Man Out: The Series continues. I can officially announce that the first project I ever created was picked up by Peacock TV and will be streaming next month in July! Our own show, now on Peacock. Wow.  

With much anticipation, I can officially announce that Odd Man Out: The Series, Season 3 is BACK. Watch the teaser below! 

Season 3 Teaser

Odd Man Out: The Series, Season 3, coming soon!

Excited to announce that “Us Against Them” was accepted and will be streaming/distributed in the Brazilian market on Box Brazil Play! Box Brazil is the second largest Brazilian independent broadcast company and specializes in Pay TV and multidevice streaming. 

Founder Ronnel Ricardo Parham was featured on "The Might Actor's" homepage with an article write up! 


Founder Ronnel Ricardo Parham has been appointed as an official member of the SAG-AFTRA Atlanta Indie Outreach Committee!  

Check out Odd Man Out: The Series, now streaming on Tubi!  

Catch Founder Ronnel Ricardo Parham live on Instagram chatting with Styled By Stevie about his journey as an actor and creating 5R Productions! 

People Choice Film of the Fest' voting!
Official Selection 2021! "Odd Man Out: The Series" Dir: Jake Hunter  
https://fftgawards.com to watch, engage and vote from a slate of 130 films chosen among 700 entries from sixty-two countries of various genres, runtime, category. 
- Register with your email.
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To Cast your vote:- After watching the film, click the menu button on the top right of the page.
 Scroll down and click - Audience Choice Voting.- All your watched movies are awaiting your vote.
Only your vote counts!
Thank you and Best Wishes. 

Grateful to announce another streaming/distribution partnership, this time—with Viddsee! Viddsee is a premium short film platform that has achieved over 2 billion views, and has over 4,500 films created by over 3,000 storytellers. 
We’re excited to join your filmmaking community!  

Our Multi-Award Winning Series Odd Man Out: The Series will be premiering on Tubi in November 2021! More details coming soon!   

We had an amazing time at the Hollywood Global Film Festival in Los Angeles, CA. We were invited as guests to the awards ceremony. My directorial debut, "Us Against Them" was a Finalist and up for Best Short Film at the Festival!   

Excited to announce that “Us Against Them” was accepted on the Fearless Streaming Platform. 
“Fearless is the streaming service for every voice. From thought-provoking documentaries to hilarious comedies, discover films & series that showcase all perspectives (LGBTQ, women, Black, Indigenous, Disabled and other under-represented voices).
We’re excited to partner up! Our release date and other details coming up. 

Repost from Change Fest:
In our opening ChangeFest weekend, Britt Jones-Chukura leads an important discussion on “Police Brutality.” Filmmakers and creatives like Ronnel Ricardo Parham, Troy Parham and Trevor Parham speak on their film “Us Against Them” which explores this topic of police brutality, and its devastating impact on African-Americans.
To watch this full convo with other artists and experts:

Thank you ChangeFest for having us speak about “Us Against Them.” 
Our main motivation in creating this film was to continue the conversation and continue to bring awareness to Police violence against African Americans. It’s festivals like this that allow us to continue this conversation, through film.   

Save the date! We'll be doing a Live Q & A from Los Angeles, CA to discuss multi award winning short film, “Us Against Them” at the International Social Change Film Festival!

Very grateful to announce that “Us Against Them” has been chosen to be in the competition for Film of the Month on ThinkShorts! Please visit our link and vote for our film by clicking the like button under the video. Thank you!

The Screening schedule for Experimental Film Festival taking place at Bank of the Arts in New Bern, NC. We’re excited to be premiering 2nd! We’ll be speaking about the film around 5pm on 9/18/21.

Founder Ronnel Ricardo Parham's interview with ThinkShorts has made it to their main page of conversations with filmmakers! 

Us Against Them” has been accepted to the 10th Annual International Social Change Film Festival! 

 “Us Against Them” will be streaming on Ivox Media very soon! Press and details to come. 

“Us Against Them” and “The Brothers” are now streaming on Sofy.TV. Watch the full films at the links below! 

“Us Against Them” and “The Brothers” are now streaming live on Shortly.Film! Watch the FULL films at the links below.

Our current list of streaming partners! 

As a finalist, “Us Against Them” will be screened at the short film festival “The Film Collective”, apart of the Independent Film Association Philadelphia (IFAP) Awards in July! Dates and times coming up! 


We're very excited to announce that Odd Man Out: The Series has been chosen to be apart of Lil Rel’s Curated Comedy Channel on kweliTV

A project in development. A short film entitled "Between Us" 

Thanks to Moxi TV on this write up and continuing to push our show, Odd Man Out: The Series! 

 “Us Against Them” is an official selection at Iconic Images Film Festival in the category of Best Short Film! 

Proud to announce that “The Brothers” is an official selection at Iconic Images Film Festival in the category of Best Short Film! 

 ”Us Against Them” has been awarded an honorable mention in the category of Best Narrative Short Film at the 2021 Johns Hopkins Film Festival. Thank you to the judges for this mention! 

 We’re live! Odd Man Out: The Series is available on the DMOFF festival website for online screening! 


 Exciting news! Odd Man Out: The Series set to be the first web series premiering on Moxi.TV! Instead of dropping the entire series, week after week we’ll release trailers and new episodes. The link below is for when the trailers and episodes go live. Very pleased this company liked our show enough to have it be their first web series on their platform!


 “The Brothers” is an official selection, a semi-finalist for Best Short Film at Flixze Film Festival!


 Stills from the "Us Against Them" Shoot! 

PRESS RELEASE: Proud to announce that Odd Man Out: The Series will be streaming live on a Chicago Local Broadcast Television Station! See details and press release below. More details to come.

December 14, 2020, Monday at 9AM CST On Free Over-the-Air WPVN Channel 24.3

Chicago, IL (December 11, 2020)- SWAAGTV...Chicago’s 1st and Only 24/7 Local Black Broadcast Television station launches December 14, 2020 on WPVN Channel 24.3. SWAAGTV is created to serve Chicago’s large and diverse Black population with news and entertainment programs.

SWAAGTV presents an exciting lineup of programs including movies, music, documentaries, dramas, sitcoms, inspiration, and children’s programming. They are partnered with major film distribution companies and independent filmmakers from across America, Caribbean Islands, Canada, France, Nigeria, and the UK.


 Excited to announce we are in pre-production for our next project entitled “Us Against Them”....shooting in December 2020!

 Still shots and behind the scenes photos of very talented actors for our next project “The Brothers”

5R Productions is in Pre-Production for our next project. A short film entitled "The Brothers." Filming begins soon!

Odd Man Out: The Series was just submitted to the New York International Film Awards in the category of “Best Web Series”

“Between Us”, a short film written by myself was just submitted to the Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards in the category of “Best Short Script” 

Face Off Trailer

Trailer to our award-winning short film, "Face Off"

 Excited to announce our newest submission! Thank you to IFP for the opportunity to submit Odd Man Out: The Series to your Episodic Labs Program. We’re excited for the team to review our work!! Good luck to all of the other shows that have submitted.

5R Productions is excited to announce a new partnership coming our way with a new television network. More details to follow very soon! 

Excited to announce our newest submission! Odd Man Out: The Series has been submitted to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation short film showcase 2020 in Los Angeles! Thank you SAG Foundation for the opportunity to show the world our show once again. ‬

 Excited to show one of the posters for our upcoming film “What’s To Come.” The film will be World Premiering soon. Already a winner of Best Web Series/TV Pilot at Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles, CA. More details to come! 

Excited to announce our latest festival submission! Odd Man Out: The Series was just submitted to Indie Short Fest in the category of “Best Web/New Media.” More details to come. 

Odd Man Out: The Series was just submitted to Los Angeles CineFest via FilmFreeway in the category of “Web Series” 

Odd Man Out: The Series was just submitted to Queen Palm International Film Festival via FilmFreeway.com in the category of “Best Trailer” 

Excited and proud to announce we just submitted Odd Man Out: The Series to Outfest 2020 via FilmFreeway! Shout out to the LGBTQ and people of color film community for the chance for our work to be shown & heard. We’re with you!  

Odd Man Out: The Series has been picked up for distribution and is now being streamed on Amazon Prime in the United States and United Kingdom!

Official landing page URL for the United States:


Official landing page URL for the United Kingdom:


An article that Colored Content did on founder Ronnel Ricardo Parham about streaming our Odd Man Out: The Series.

Exclusive Q & A with Odd Man Out Creator Ronnel Parham

Link here: http://coloredcontent.com/q-odd-man-creator-ronnel-parham/